Insight into residents’ values in Súdwest-Fryslân’s energy policy thanks to PVE method

Insight into residents’ values in Súdwest-Fryslân’s energy policy thanks to PVE method

Recently Populytics CEO, Shannon Spruit was interviewed by the magazine Democracy in Action. In the article she explains how Participatory Value Evaluation can support local decision-making. Ending with this comprehensive list of tips, and the benefits of PVE for municipalities and residents:

Benefits for municipalities:

  • PVE makes mass participation much easier and therefore more attainable.
  • Decision-makers reach residents who do not normally participate in activities.
  • The silent middle group becomes visible.
  • The identified values are relevant beyond the issue at stake in the consultation.

Benefits for residents:

  • Residents can choose when and where they participate and are included in difficult policy decisions.
  • They can step into the shoes of a decision-maker and discover the complexity behind policy choices.
  • In a safe environment residents are able to voice their opinions without bias.

Tips for municipalities:

  • Think about your goals. This form of participation is most valuable if you really want to involve people in the policy and not only inform them.
  • Manage expectations. If they exist, make consequences clear for the participating population.
  • Think about the follow-up. Do not see participation and the use of this method as a one-off, but as a step towards improving the future relationship with your residents.
  • Take the time to determine the right questions, how will you learn the most from your participants.

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