Consultation on the structure of medical examinations for driving licenses

Consultation on the structure of medical examinations for driving licenses

Good news, you can contribute again! What should the medical examination for driving licenses look like? Yesterday a consultation went live in which you are asked that question. All Dutch citizens can participate. Make sure to give your advice.

The Minister would like to hear your opinion

Cora van Nieuwenhuizen wants to know how the government can best determine whether someone is healthy enough to drive safely. That is why she is asking for your opinion in the consultation. For example, should drivers from a certain age receive a medical examination in your opinion? And should drivers or their doctors be required to report certain medical situations?

Together with the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management we have worked intensively to develop the consultation, which is now online:

Structure of the consultation

In the consultation you will be presented with various choices. For each choice the effects are shown. What will it cost drivers if you choose a particular option? And what will it cost the government? But also: what is the effect on road safety?

After the various options, a number of scenarios are presented to you as well. Which scenario do you find most appealing?

Furthermore, at the end there is room to share your own experiences with regard to the current set-up.

Until when can you participate?

Until August 5, the consultation will be open to everyone. Would you like to advice the government on the structure of the medical examination for driving licenses? Make sure you fill in the consultation before then. You can find the consultation here:

We, as well as the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management, would like to hear what you think.

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