What does society think: how should the government deal with the corona virus in the future?

What does society think: how should the government deal with the corona virus in the future?

A large part of the Dutch population has now been vaccinated against COVID-19 and the pressure on healthcare has decreased in recent months. How the virus will develop in the coming months is uncertain. Will COVID-19 remain manageable in the coming months or will the number of infections and hospital admissions rise again quickly in the coming months? 

The future corona policy 

The government would like to be properly prepared for different developments of the virus. On behalf of the RIVM, Populytics is conducting a consultation in which all Dutch people aged 18 and older are given the opportunity to voice their thoughts and opinions on which factors they consider important when taking corona measures in different scenarios. 

Structure of the consultation

In the first part, participants are presented with a possible development of the coronavirus six different times. For example, “the virus remains manageable” or “there is a new, more contagious variant that the vaccines work less well against”. In each situation, participants are shown 2 packages of measures, including the effects of these measures (for example, effect on the number of infections and the number of admissions to the IC). You are always asked to advise one of the two packages. Opponents of corona policy can also indicate that they believe that no measure should be introduced. Finally, participants are asked why they consider certain measures acceptable or unacceptable.  

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