Using digital participation for internal deliberation: strategy sessions within companies

Using digital participation for internal deliberation: strategy sessions within companies

The PVE method is often used to explore the ideas, preferences and values of citizens and local residents. But digital participation is also very suitable for smaller consultations. Even within companies and organisations! The organisation ‘s Heeren Loo wanted to renew their corporate strategy. Using our PVE method, board members and other stakeholders were able to participate in a low-threshold way.

How can you use a PVE as a preparation for a strategy session?

‘s Heeren Loo had chosen several themes with important but difficult dilemmas. They wanted to hear the ideas of several people inside and outside the organization. How would these people want the dilemmas to be resolved? What choices would they make if they could see the effects of their choices? And why? Before the start of the strategy session, participants could make their choices via our online participation tool. Their choices and arguments formed the basis for the conversations during the strategy sessions.

What are the benefits of a PVE consultation for internal deliberation?

There are several benefits to using the PVE method. You can present dilemmas you have as a company and solve them together. What choices must be made with, for example, a limited budget and limited staff? In addition, the digital participation method allows everyone to participate easily and at a time of their choosing. Also, the voices of more quiet or introvert people come out clearly. Finally, you collect structured information that you can use to sharpen your strategy.

What did the client think?

“We were able to switch quickly and adapt the method to the specific question we had. We received clear reports that can be used for follow-up discussions with the various internal stakeholders. It is a pleasant way of involving stakeholders in plans. I also see potential for involving groups of colleagues in choices and development of plans.”

– Koen, ‘s Heeren Loo

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