What can we help you with?

What can we help you with?

Designing a participation process

We not only carry out consultations, but also ensure they are properly embedded in decision-making and participation processes. We work with you to apply participatory approaches so that needs of government, citizens and stakeholders are met.

Our experience includes:

  • Organising deliberative sessions.
  • Combining mini- and maxi-publics. For example, writing advice based on a consultation together with a citizens’ forum.
  • Involving many and diverse stakeholders through joint design sessions.

No one participation process is the same. There are multiple goals you may want to pursue. Do you want to know the preferences of a representative group of citizens? Is inclusiveness important to you? What kind of insights should a participation process provide to best assist you? Is increasing citizen understanding of government choices a primary goal? Our participation designers explore the goals you want to achieve and design a participation trajectory that is fit for purpose.

For more information, please contact our participation designer at

Conducting consultations

We design and organise large-scale consultations with thousands of people. Participants can experience and give their opinion on a policy dilemma. We advise which method is most appropriate to suit the needs of civil servants, citizens and stakeholders. For more information on the different methods, check out our frequently asked questions.


  • We help formulate the right questions to ask to your clients or residents.
  • We help structure the information the participants need to experience the policy dilemma, as well as providing an instructional animation video to guide them
  • We design the public consultation through an online platform
  • We make the consultation accessible via its own URL and provide technical support
  • We analyze the results and deliver them to you in a detailed report

Additionally, we can provide services such as: supervision of stakeholder sessions, telephone helpdesk for participants, versions for non-native or low-literacy speakers, and more.

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities!

Speaking engagements

We are often asked to speak about our projects, and are excited to share our expertise in this area and many others such as:

  • Policy Evaluation
  • Public participation
  • Controversies and conflicts between citizens and governments
  • Determining the societal value of government policy


We offer a variety of training courses. For more information, see Trainings.

Our clients

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Shannon Spruit
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